Charlie Smedley

I have often viewed self help books with a certain belligerence, but ‘You Deserve It’ is written in such a way that I felt compelled to challenge some of my indoctrinations. If this book resonates with you the way it has with me you’ll take action and you’ll change your life. What have you got to lose? 

Tim T Dingle BSc (Hons) PGCE MBA Mediator
‘You Deserve It,’ is quite simply a brilliant and most compelling book.  If you want to understand truly what it means to ‘deserve’ and get what you want, then you must read the book. You may be in for a shock. James has road-tested Life’s big questions and comes up with some sensational answers. What you think you deserve, may be what is stopping you getting what you want. 
It is a unique book, well written and with universal application. His life story (which is incredibly sad, moving and heart-warming) is used as a backdrop for massive self-development and growth. I have not come across a book with such powerful feeling about what it means to ‘deserve.’ Indeed, James unravels the meaning by clinical deconstruction, in-depth analysis, and empirical testing. There isn’t a better examination of the implications for us, on the market.
I have given the book to clients as a new way of changing their situations for the better. It is presented in a very accessible and transparent manner, offering insights into our actions and reactions. By telling us that we deserve our current situation (good or bad, financial, emotional, physical and more), he is both controversial and challenging. It will change your perception of success as you work through the narrative. 
James examines the origins of the word ‘deserve’ itself and introducing original new ideas like ‘Selfmore’, ‘Ennui’, and ‘the Circles of Truth’. He leads a new exploration into a subject so misunderstood and misused by so many, for too long. The book will stop you wondering what you deserve.
Are you ready? It is all about what you do next. You deserve it – now buy the book.
Highly recommended,  5 ***** 


“You Deserve It” will fundamentally alter the way in which you view your life and the consequences of your own actions.

This book taught me that I am a product of my own decisions and past actions.  Whilst many realise this at a superficial level have any of us ever truly internalised that fact?  Or more importantly altered the way in which we live our lives to better control the outcomes we seek and the environment in which we live?
Many of us have all the tools and skills we need to be successful, what we lack is the mindset of success.  I believe this book is the answer so many of us seek. 


This is a very well written book, exploring a side of ourselves in a totally different light.

It is human nature to believe we deserve the good things in life; we make purchases or have treats justifying them by saying “I deserve it”, and yet we fail to acknowledge that the negativity in our lives is a consequence of our own actions.  The clever twist in this book is that it makes you understand all actions have consequences good or bad.  
If there are areas of your life that need changing/improving or if you need help and answers to progress in life, use this book as a tool and guidance so that you can follow your chain of actions and have a better understanding as to why they have led you to where you are.  
To get the very best out of life and yourself, you deserve to read this book.
Greg W
Great self-help books just seem to make sense and this is one of them. It requires reader’s honesty and with that motivates you to take control of your situation and empowers you to make a lot of positive changes to your life. If you’re unsatisfied with a part of your life at the moment, read this book and take action to live the life you want to live.

What a book. I’d like to leave it at that but I need to justify that statement. I had a similar childhood experience as James which manifested itself in post-natal depression after my second child. I read as many “self-help”, heal yourself, cotton candy, give yourself a hug books that I could in a futile attempt to deal with my situation. Eventually it was the help of a great CBT therapist who cleared the fog and I recovered. Since then I have longed for something which speaks in the same honest, no nonsense way that the CBT tools did. This book is it. If you want a book that tells it straight and in a way that makes you realise that YOU are in control, no one else, then this is a book you must read. It’s not an easy read by any means because it challenges the way you think, it makes you be really honest with yourself but does not leave you hanging, it teaches you skills to change things. Therapy worked for me but remaining strong for me and my children comes down to me now. Books like this make that a reality. I say books like this, but I have not come across a book like this before. Making some of the small changes the book suggests, I have already seen a positive difference in my life. I wanted real, I wanted honest and most importantly I wanted to believe in the author. I believe in James.


Pat C.

“The success of You Deserve It lies in he author’s  honest and brave approach to his own early life experiences which instead of causing him to remain in victim mode enabled him to embrace life as a survivor with an ability to inspire others. A must read for anyone who feels their life is a constant disappointment.”